About Us

Sunrise Dairy Farms is a family owned manufacturer and marketer of specialty liquid food products of the highest quality as deemed by our diverse group of customers.

We are committed to organizational excellence by treating our customers, employees, suppliers and community with honesty, integrity, dignity and respect.

We and our team are dedicated to provide a healthy, quality and reliable product to the market. We use latest machineries to produce our products and maintained hygiene. We can assure a pure milk and milk products with full of proteins and minerals it naturally possess. Saraswati was named to its quality we double-check the end products and send it to the market.

Sunrise Dairy Farms products have processing facility at Nizamabad. There we approximately produce three million liters of UHT/ESL milk products annually. All raw milk related products are produced on local dairy farms within a 90-mile radius of the Vijayawada plant.


who we are

Sunrise Dairy Farms, a family owned and is one of the premier specialty dairy and non-dairy product manufacturers. We market a full line of Ultra-High Temperature (UHT) / Extended Shelf Life (ESL) dairy products, which are produced using state of the art equipment.

Sunrise Dairy Farms products are distributed mainly in Vijayawada utilizing a variety of different distribution channels. Much of the product we produce is under a licensing or co-packing arrangement. We produce milk, Curd, Cheese, Cova, Paneer and Ghee for the Quick Service Restaurant industry. Other wholesale and retail accounts are serviced through independent dairies, distributors and warehouses.

Our processing facility, located in Vijayawada, produces more that 3 million Litres of UHT / ESL Milk products annually. All raw milk used is produced on local dairy farms within a 90-mile radius of the Vijayawada plant.